Social Welfare

Operation: Foundation America

Imagine slowly dying everyday from an addiction you have no control over. Imagine struggling to keep yourself alive. Imagine being a child born into a situation of unstable moods and unpredictable financial situations. Unfortunately, a part of the population suffering from these, and many other, hardships do not have any resources to help. These situations among others are realities for many homeless people and those on Welfare all across this land of the free. Is living in America truly free if you are dependent on the government for every necessity in everyday life? It is time for a program to be put in place that helps extend professional resources to those who live in poverty and gives them an opportunity to better their situation in order to grasp what the American dream truly is.

The New York Times, Twitter, and the Future of Your Children

Nine-hundred seventy-four million people (CBS News): a country, a continent, the contemporary rhetorical medium Twitter. McLuhan would agree that the inception of this new medium far outweighs any single message sent through it; however, to truly understand the gargantuan affect of Twitter in postmodern rhetoric a closer look can be taken of the New York Times Twitter account, more specifically their coverage of the 2016 political election.


As I sat preparing to type, my laptop’s battery died. Looking at a black screen waiting for it to recharge, I began thinking about how dependent my life is on technology and what an examined life truly meant. American society as whole often misses out on key moments in life because they are too absorbed in one thing: a relationship, work, pleasure, wealth. Across five dimensions, some sort of balance had been incorporated or indirectly suggested in order to live both a fulfilling and joyful life.