Bryce Jurss



As a young boy Bryce Jurss fell victim to bullying and some personal adversity but refused to let this limit his trajectory¾instead, empathy for others has become his guiding principle and his greatest strength. He realized he could best make a difference using his knack for business, and at age 11, launched his first LLC. Two successful businesses later, while in college at Baylor University, he and some friends found a need to efficiently split the cost of a pizza delivery but without Wi-Fi access or a cell phone data plan. Like Mark Zuckerberg with Facebook and other notable college-age innovators before him, Bryce Jurss adapted SMS/texting technology to provide a platform for handling business. He invented Roy, a machine-learning conversation engine, and soon AI assistant Roy Chat became a reality. This serial entrepreneur’s technology, which combines machine learning with SMS, can be deployed all over the world, and has the potential to disentangle privilege from high tech. An avid and even experienced businessman at just 21, if someone discounts him because of his age, he reminds them that they could be missing out on a great opportunity by looking at a number —and not the person.


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